UBelong Collaborative: Transforming Higher Education

Mission Statement

To promote belonging and academic equity in STEM through the development, refinement, and validation of customizable social-belonging interventions. 

Vision Statement

To transform STEM course environments to be equitable and inclusive so that every STEM student feels like they belong. 

Core Values: 

The UBelong Collaborative team uses the following core values as our guiding principles to define the decisions we make toward our mission and vision. 

Keep Students First: keeping students at the center of what we do. 

Evolve and Adapt: using reflective practices to grow throughout the course of the work.  

Elevate Others: encouraging a growth mindset amongst our faculty and collaborators and inspiring innovation by fostering a community of support. 

Act with Integrity: maintaining the highest level of honesty and transparency in our research practice. 

Maintain Customizability: for success in various contexts.

Develop Our People: by providing an environment that fosters personal development and professional growth.

Partner in the Fight for STEM Equity: We work towards creating policies and cultures that promote the wellbeing and inclusion of all those who want to be in STEM. 

Respond to Emerging Needs: we innovate and respond with new and tailored approaches to belonging.